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200, Orfeos str. (Parodos Agapis 5)
122 41 Egaleo - Athens - Greece
Tel. +30 210 3477108, 210 3416285
Fax: +30 210 3420365
e-mail: info@ilrodo.gr
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1976. Foundation
In 1976 two friends of long lasting that are learning the craft of printing and book binding from 1965 at Th.Gonis and N.Tribiza's industry, saw that they could offer a lot at the craft of book binding themselves.

So they created a small industry of 40m2 with the mechanical equipment of a single cutter and three other helping machines.
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1980. First investments
In 1980 they decided a move to a bigger area of 250m2 at Tsimiski road, investing in a folding and a sewing machine and a small increase of the employes of the book binding industry at 5 workers.  
1984. A landmark in our history
In 1984 the partners' mind of deep insight, early enough predicted the need of their customers for quicker services. Thus they moved once again, this time in Aigaleo, Orfeos 200, where they still stand. Τhey invested in new technology equiping the company with α single cutter and an automatic sewing machine and they expanded on one more part of book binding by buying the first gathering machine. That time the company employed 12 workers having already earned the trust of people like Th.Kastaniotis. S. Petsopoulos, Th. Malikiosis and the memorable G. Doubitsas and L. Rappas.  
1987. Pioneers
While the art of bookbinding in Greece was still far behind, with the encouragement of at the time manager of KEDROS mister L. Rappas "all Europe is bookbinding with machines, will we still bookbind with soap and bones?" they decided to invest in a bookbinding machine with Hotmelt glue for soft covers and they were the first who dared to produce a literature book in a machine.

Having earned the attention of all, they raise the standard of bookbinding once more with two machines. The first was a Brehmer full automatic sewing machine with hedop. Their affection for the books made them invest in a new, at the time being, way of packing and protecting the books. For the first time a bookbinder delivers books in shrinking film, so that the books inside will be better protected against humidity, they will be easier to handle and they can be easily seen.
2000. Break through
In the decade of '90 and espesially in the year 1992 and 1997 there were made big investements that lead to the increace of the company's productive capacity. The facilities extended and reached the 2500 m2, furthermore some of these areas are now property of the company. The small book binding industry of the two partners, has reached to employ 35 workers and constitutes an accomplished productive development of book binding books with soft covers .  
2006. Era of novelties
The progress of the company thought, didn't stop there. In the year 2006 was brought in Greece one of the most modern units of soft cover book binding and untill today the company is the only one in Greece that use the PUR glue technology in book binding. The facilities of the company reached 3600 m2, the employes were about 48 workers and foremost the company possesses the most modern and complete fleet of machines and experienced craftsmen.  
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