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200, Orfeos str. (Parodos Agapis 5)
122 41 Egaleo - Athens - Greece
Tel. +30 210 3477108, 210 3416285
Fax: +30 210 3420365
e-mail: info@ilrodo.gr
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The industry of Th.Iliopoulos and P.Rodopoulos has completed 42 years of activity in book binding arts, as it was founded in Greece in 1977. The succesful business progress along the years and the recognition of the compay relies on the application of the most modern technologies, the methodical research, the continuously improvement of know-how, and the high quality of human power.

It secures itself with an effective and flexible organization and administration structure and with the application of advanced schedules and training seminars, that compile and educate workers within all fields and levels of activity of the company. It is reinforced furthermore with a solid backround of values and collective conscience, as its drive shaft consists of principles for the workers' rights and the protection of enviroment.

The company occupies with all the production range of book binding books and soft cover, more specific:

Διπλώνουμε, συνθέτουμε, ράβουμε, κολλάμε, κόβουμε κάθε είδους έντυπο.

We specialize in sewed books with flaps, having sewing machines of high quality and automatization.

Our innovation is the technology of binding books wth PUR (polyurethane) for books with or without flaps, for great effectiveness.

With RUR we can bind signatures up to 150gr. Pages, two-folded pages up to 250gr. Printed or not, water or oil based coating, even laminated.

Our revolutionary suggestion is for books with PUR and flaps!

We can make book binding of "album" type with 30 cm width and cover stretch of 95 cm.

Our book binding can be with or without margins.

We can make all kinds of folding from 2 untill 9 folds.

For us the production of a book is still an art. An art form that is commited to producing high quality books and whose higher goals are satisfied customers and enthusiastic readers. Do not hesitate to contact with us so that we fully enlighten you for the totality of the possibilities our company has regarding the book binding art.

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