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200, Orfeos str. (Parodos Agapis 5)
122 41 Egaleo - Athens - Greece
Tel. +30 210 3477108, 210 3416285
Fax: +30 210 3420365
e-mail: info@ilrodo.gr
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The facilities of the company reach up to 2700 m2 and they are split in four areas, according to the line of production. The mechanical equipment consists of:

  • Two single cutters, one of which is the automatic POLAR 115 E with three helping machines.
  • Eight folding machines, five of them are ΜΒΟ of modern technology.
  • Five sewing machines, three of them are electronic Αstronic.
  • Three gathering machines.
  • Two perfect binders, one of which is the Wohlenberg Champion S.
  • One glueing machine for inner broadsheets.
  • One machine for the folding of the flaps of the cover, the KRF.
  • Three three kife trimmers, one of which is the Kolbus HD.
  • A machine for gathering and pressing the paper ofal.
  • A machine for the packing of the books.
  • A machine for packing the palletes.
  • One clark for faster loading and discharging of the products.
    Investments. Young people new technologies
    In the year 2006 the company invests in new technology with a group that it's qualifications put new standards in Greek book binding: the gathering and binding Wohlenberg Champion S-Sprinter 7011 attached to a Kolbus HD three knife trimmer unit.

    Wohlenberg can reach its maximum production speed at 8000 books per hour and the Kolbus, according to manufacturer's spefifications, can reach up to 7200 cuts per hour. This technology was presented in the exhibition "Drupa '04".
    Equipment. Prospect of european standards
    Unique technology for the greek production data. The book binding shop has some of the most new technologies of the industry:

  • We use the special glue of polyurethane (PUR technology), under the condtions of a vacuum: during the procedure of the process the PUR does not contact with air and a special boiler from teflon is being used. This glue is 5 times more expensive from the concentional glue, but it's endurance can not be compared to any other type of glue! This is about a pioneer glue formula of german origin, of exceptional quality, that is 100% fuctional, even for paper weights of 150 gr, for colours, ink and polish, UV and furthermore for plastic sheets.

  • Wohlenberg can produce glued books with flaps, a production that could only be made with seamed books, now can be made only by gluing them. It has an automatic system of ditection a false signature while gathering them (dublication check), notifing the operator, while automatically stops the production line for the restoration of the fault.

  • The products arrive at the three knife trimmer manufactured by Kolbus. This machine can make up to 4500-5000 single cuts per hour, distributing a fine result even to books that the covers has flaps.
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